Today, with the installed capacity of 29,040 Spindles, Manufacturing 64296 tons of Yarns per annum, the company has carved a niche for itself on the textile map of the country. The current range of the company is 100 % Cotton Yarn with counts ranging from 16s to 40s. The company has employed about 220 dedicated and skilled workers who undergo continuous training programs under aegis of ATIRA..

Influence: RSB believes in technology and innovations. In line with its philosophy RSB has established BTS machines which transfer bobbins from Speed Frames to Ring Frames seamlessly. RSB has also erected semi-automatic packing machine from ITW to provide consistent well packed cartons to the customers.


Machine Make
Blow Room Truetzschler
Foreign Particle Detector Loptex, Italy
Carding Truetzschler
Draw Frames Breaker LMW
Lap Former LMW
Combers LMW
Draw Frames Finisher LMW/RIETER
Speed Frames LMW
BTS (Bobbin Transfer System) Elgi
Ring Frames LMW
Link Coners Schlafhorst, Germany
Yarn Clearers Uster-Quantum -3
Yarn Conditioning Sieger, India
Precision Winders P S Mettler (Saruer)
TFO Savio
Humidification & Waste Collection System Draft AIR
Compact Spinning System Suessen
Slub System Amsler
Core  Spun Yarn System (Spendex) Amsler
Elite Twist Suessen
Spindle Monitoring & Roving Stop Motion Premier Evolvics
Packing System (Box/Pallete) ITW